As a local plumbing company that offers professional plumbers and services to your home and business, we highly value our customers and their satisfaction in the job we do.

Our reputation is based on customer’s who are satisfied with our ability to respond quickly, offer affordable pricing, and quality workmanship to any plumbing situation.

Recent Customer Reviews and Feedback

Jason and his crew at Plumbing Professionals were great. They finished a complete copper repiping of my home in one day, including patching all the walls. They were very clean and efficient throughout the day. My dog Sam doesn’t usually like strangers but was friendly with the guys. Overall great experience will use for future plumbing needs.

Hilary in San Marino

They found the gas leak fast and made the repair on the spot in just a few hours. I have their phone number saved on my cell and my husbands in case of any future plumbing emergency.

Jessica in South Pasadena

I am happy to write this review for Plumbing Professionals. They replaced all the drain piping under my home in what must be a record time. Their price was on target and reasonable. They even took photos of the work and showed them to me once the project was completed. Never had any plumbing company do that that for me before. Thanks for being so pleasant and efficient.

Choi in Arcadia