Plumbing Services

Plumbing Professionals and its team of plumber contractors will provide full range of professional plumbing services for residential homes, business offices, and commercial building properties.

Residential Home Plumbing (Single Family, Condos, PUD’s and HOA’s)

We specialize at inspections and leak detection to diagnose any situation. We respond quickly to calls and perform quick service repairs with flat rate pricing so no time is wasted.

We offer FREE consultations for remodeling projects from custom repipes, whole house copper or PEX repiping, bathroom and kitchen appliance installations, and more.

Our friendly plumbers are experts at detecting the location source of any water leak or gas leak with accurate precision. We can repair all types of water leaks, noisy toilets, broken faucets, broken water heaters, clogged drainage systems and sewer pipes, fresh water main pipes, re-circulating pumps, and gas lines.

We also work with HOA’s (home owners associations) and property management companies for maintenance agreement plans for homes to common areas such as the main water line and sewer lines, cleanouts, and sump pumps.

Business Offices and Commercial Properties

For business offices or commercial properties from strip malls, retail stores, and restaurants, We are the number one choice for professional plumbing services.

We help local businesses located in Arcadia, Pasadena, and surrounding San Gabriel Valley neighborhood cities with services that remedy any situation ranging from inspections, repairs, remodels, and installations.

Businesses seek us out because of our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to customer service.

The services we provide range from water leak or gas leak inspection, pipe system inspections to appliance installations and general repairs.

We offer competitive flat rate pricing with accurate estimates, emergency 24 hour services, and quality craftsmanship backed by warranty for any type of custom piping system from remodeling projects to PEX or copper repiping.

Local Plumbers You Can Trust

You’ll have the peace of mind only from an established company like the Plumbing Professionals can provide. Our dedication to your satisfaction is our company mission and business vision.

Let us focus on doing the best job possible to help fix and alleviate plumbing problems for your home or business.