Water Heater Tank Repairs

We’ll inspect and diagnose the water heater that’s giving you problems. We’ll offer to fix your hot water heater tank by replacing faulty or broken parts. Common replacement parts can be:

  • Pressure gauge release valve
  • Water heater thermocouple
  • Water heater thermostat
  • Gas pipe connections
  • Water-heater pilot

Our plumbers will thoroughly inspect your unit before any work is done. If the water heater unit is beyond repair, we’ll recommend replacing the old unit and installing a modern tankless water heater.

Water Heater Tank Inspections

Inspections start with examining the water heater tank’s body and pipe connections for rust, wear, or corrosion. We’ll also check for gas leaks at the connectors. We’ll then drain your tank of water to remove any sediment build up.

These integrity checks are importnat to make sure the unit is diagnosed correctly.

Its normal when general parts breakdown on water heaters after several years of standard use include replacing any worn anode rods, check for non-working pressure relief valves, and more.

Why Have Us Maintain Your Water Heater Unit

Hot water heaters are easily forgotten… until it suddenly stops working. ¬†You can enjoy the following benefits if you regularly maintain it on schedule:

  • Your hot water supply will work better and efficiently
  • You’ll consume and spend much less on energy bills
  • And lastly, gain longer life span on the unit

Protect Your Investment With Yearly Inspections

To protect your investment we recommend a professional conduct a maintenance inspection at least once a year of your water heater unit.

Over time, water heater tanks can have problems from general use like calcium deposits and sediment build up. Too much sediment can damage the tank from keeping the water warm and operating at full capacity. You will want to consider having a professional plumber drain the tank to remove mineral deposit and sediment build up.

If you find that your tank’s water has bits of metal or rust in it, call us immediately!