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Natural gas is the most commonly used gas to heat homes in Southern California. It’s inexpensive and readily avaliable to residents and businesses. Natural gas piping is used to supply gas to kitchen stoves, BBQs, water heaters, air conditioners (HVAC), and many other plumbing fixtures.

Reason Why Natural Gas Pipes Leak

Plumbers can install natural gas piping above ground and underground. Most leaks on natural gas systems are found underground where the metal pipe is most often vulnerable and exposed to moisture. Exposure to moisture over a long period time will eventually erode old metal pipes.

What To Do If You Smell Leaking Gas

Sometimes old pipes corrode and leak causing an extremely dangerous situation. Immediately contact a plumber or your gas provider right away if you ever smell natural gas. Natural gas leaks are not something you want take lightly.

Hire A Professional For Gas Pipe Relocation

Relocation of any gas piping can and should be done only by a certified master plumber. Only experts with experience in metal repiping and professionally trained should be hired when safety is a big concern.

New gas pipes can be installed to feed your brand new BBQ outside or the water heater you want to relocate to another area of your home or business.

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