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If your bathroom or kitchen has polished brass faucet fixtures, we recommend these cleaning tips.

Always use warm water in combination with a clean soft and damp cloth. This will help you remove the dry water spots on your polished brass fixtures.

Clean and Polish Brass Bathroom Fixtures

Use warm water to keep brass fixtures clean and car wax for shine and polish.

Also, its important to never use industrial or home-use cleansers that contain abrasives, harsh chemicals, alcohol or other solvents. The cleansers that carry these chemicals can ruin the polish and damage the brass.

To maintain the luster and shine of your decorative brass faucet, occasionally apply a high quality automotive wax.  This will bring out the polish in fashion it was designed to appeal. Just make sure that the wax you use does not contain abrasives.

We hope you found these cleaning tips helpful. Keep your polished brass faucet fixtures clean and shiny for long lasting appeal.

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