What’s a Cleanout?

A cleanout is a piece of sewer line that juts up vertically in the home’s yard from the main and extends above the surface of the ground. It ties in with the main sewer line at a smooth angle to allow drain cleaning machines to run and clear any blockages. Without one of these cleanouts, the only access to the main sewer line is by pulling a toilet and cleaning the main from the bathroom.

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Why Install A Cleanout?

We install cleanouts for sewer lines in homes and businesses. Plumbing code now dictates that all new sewer lines be installed with two cleanouts. Beyond staying current with plumbing code, a cleanout has added benefits for plumbing system maintenance.

It’s important because maintenance can be done through a drain line from the outside of your house. By using the cleanout drain line, it eliminates bringing in heavy equipment into your home or running a roof vent on top of your house.

Older homes with sewer lines that are NOT composed of PVC or ABS material hardly ever have sewer cleanouts for maintenance.

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